Logline: Dreaming he could be a professional cricket player someday, a teenager wishes he lived anywhere but Spokane, Washington.

Synopsis: Dee Bathia is an American born high school junior of Indian descent who loves nothing more than the sport of cricket. He plays in absolute obscurity each summer on his Uncle Sunilís cricket team in Spokane wishing he lived almost anywhere else so he might have a chance to play professionally. His father Sanjay is supportive but is busy managing a large information technology department with a secondary avocation as a matchmaker. Deeís classmate Jen Hanley is sports crazy also and isnít satisfied just playing against other girls. No one expects Deeís life to be complicated when she becomes attracted to his best friend Adam and even worse turns out to be a terrific cricket player.

Each deals with the pressures of school, family life, growing up, and what the future holds while Dee, his family, and friends continue their journey through the American experience.

1st ten pages (pdf)

Click here for a short video introduction to cricket.