Logline: Decisions, responsibilities, and the past impact the lives of friends during a season guiding fly fishermen in the Rockies.

Synopsis: Jim Doherty is a seasoned fly fishing guide who�s also a part-time dad and an occasional writer. As a kid, he grew up early dealing with the combat experiences that haunted his father. An inadvertent lapse of judgment and the start of an unexpected friendship cause him to re-examine his own standards and the cost of relationships.

Kathy Riggins, a co-worker at their fly shop, is also unexpectedly challenged with a responsibility and when large trophy trout start showing up dead on doorsteps she drags Jim into the investigation why.

How the past affected Jim and what the future holds for Kathy impacts on all of their relationships, the lives of others, and the trout of the Rockies. In the end they struggle to answer the question how is forgiveness earned and granted.

1st ten pages (pdf)

Short Story - Second to None