Logline: An American rugby team travels to Paris for the 1924 Olympics. What they didnít expect was battling an entire country and one of their own still dealing with the aftermath of the Great War.

Synopsis: Based on actual events, a group of mostly Californians are given the honor of traveling to Paris to represent the United States in rugby at the 1924 Olympics. One of the teamís members has a different reason for traveling to France as he struggles with post traumatic stress from his combat experiences there six years before as a Marine at the battle of Belleau Wood. After assembling and developing their team chemistry in England the trip takes an unfortunate turn. The Americans are not only not welcome in France but must contend with outright hostility from everyone they meet. The teamís war veteran also continues his struggle with why he returned to the country. All of this sets ups up a classic confrontation between the United States and France in the gold medal match. What neither of the teams expected though was what actually happened in the crowd that day.

The title of this screenplay is the honor accorded the most valuable player in classic rugby matches.

1st ten pages (pdf)